All Now with Wings

de David Zweig
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David Zweig All Now with Wings
David Zweig - All Now with Wings
David Zweig - All Now with Wings

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Livraison : entre mercredi 1 juin 2022 et vendredi 3 juin 2022
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La description

From AllMusic: There are many layers to New York City songwriter David Zweig. Like the shadowy, reclusive introvert who springs to life after a couple of beers, Zweig hovers near the door at the beginning of his second record, the appropriately titled Keep Going, like a man with eyes in the back of his head. This toe in the water approach creates a subtle tension that allows explosive tracks like 'Don't Be Sad,' with it's backwards 'Don't Fear the Reaper' guitar lick and needle burying vocal take, to jar the listener out of their seat. There's a dense warmth to each song on the record -- courtesy of Flaming Lips producer Keith Cleversley -- and a comfortable familiarity that points to a vast collection of classic rock LP's. 'Cornerstone' sounds like the Red House Painters doing 'Red Barchetta' by Rush, and 'I Am Here Tonight' shimmers with a blistering riff reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's 'The Song Remains the Same.' Vocally, Zweig sounds like Simon & Garfunkel smashed together and doing everything in their power to break free. His soft cadence on 'Ordinary' gradually mutates into a lupine howl by the time it segues into the epic 'Salt and the Sea,' exposing Zweig amidst a wash of distortion and strings. Keep Going requires a few listens. While much of the record sounds familiar, there's no denying the heart behind it. There's a feeling of incompleteness that dissolves upon each visitation, and a revelation within each song. Let this one grow on you.


CD 1


Anything and Everything (06:52) - David Zweig


Daydream (02:07) - David Zweig


I Know It's Time (04:22) - David Zweig


Fall Apart (06:10) - David Zweig


Goodbye (06:09) - David Zweig


All the Same (05:13) - David Zweig


Autumn (07:33) - David Zweig


Long Slow Burn (09:06) - David Zweig


Time Is Movin' (08:39) - David Zweig


Final (06:09) - David Zweig

Détails du produit

Nombre de pistes:
David Zweig
Nombre de disques:
Ebb & Flow
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Type de média:
CD audio

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Date de publication:
1 juillet 2000
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0.141 x 0.126 x 0.014 m; 0.08 kg
28,92 €
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