Khufu's mysteries finally revealed

de Bennouar, Assia
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Bennouar, Assia Khufu's mysteries finally revealed
Bennouar, Assia - Khufu's mysteries finally revealed

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La description

Who has been fascinated by the mere sight of the pyramids to finally be troubled by the riddle of the technique of their construction? Everyone I think! That is why many scientists have tried to discover the technique used by the pharaohs to build such unequaled wonders of architecture which were never been rebuilt while the tools and means that have been used were rudimentary because Egypt had just come out of the Neolithic! The book I propose here is based on a patented technique (by WIPO) that responds in details to questions such as: how did they brought up the stone blocks so high? Or, how did they maintained themselves on the pyramid for carving the facades? Or, how have they drawn a perfect square floor of 230 m² which sides are directed toward the four directions without compass or astrolabe? Or else,how have they could build the bent pyramid? Because it is far from being a roof collapse! To finally explain how they have could build pyramids without measuring tape, pulley or wheel and solve many other technical problems of building Khufu's pyramid! Good reading, because you are going to find the answers to what have always tormented you... and even more!


Bennouar, Assia

Détails du produit

Doctor of Medicine(INESSM of Constantine) Algeria, medical practitioner since 1996, I love scientific research and I love challenges that I always try to solve. I discovered a technique of construction of Egypt pyramids crowned by a patent from WIPO,that will allow me to rebuilt pyramids like those of Giza,I already wrote a book about it in french.
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Scholar's Press

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Livre de poche
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18 mars 2015
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0.22 x 0.15 x 0.007 m; 0.155 kg
33,46 €
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