Performing Irishness - Irish Drama on the Galician Stage

de Elisa Serra Porteiro
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Elisa Serra Porteiro Performing Irishness - Irish Drama on the Galician Stage
Elisa Serra Porteiro - Performing Irishness - Irish Drama on the Galician Stage

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Livraison : entre jeudi 26 mai 2022 et lundi 30 mai 2022
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Performing Irishness analyses the presence and impact of Irish drama in Galicia, a minorised cultural context where Ireland has historically been viewed as a recognisable, often inspirational, «other». Through her exploration of the ways in which translation choices interweave with theatre practice, the author reveals context and on-the-spot decisions as crucial elements in the adaptation and staging of the plays. This study traces the multiplicity of factors that determined the plays’ path from one culture to the other by means of interviews with theatre practitioners and a wealth of unpublished documents around the translation and production processes, resulting from extensive archival research. The voices behind the scenes provide us with a viewpoint that goes beyond the texts to generate a pluridimensional map of how Irish drama has travelled not only to Galicia but also to – and through – other Iberian stages.


Elisa Serra Porteiro

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20 Abb.
Elisa Serra Porteiro is a Lecturer in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, University College Cork. She holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies and a MA in Drama and Theatre Studies. Her research to date has focussed on Irish drama in the Iberian context, with special attention to the intersection of translation and stage practice.
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Contents: Seizing Yeats: Irish folk-drama in the emergence of Galician theatrical identity – Synge in the diaspora: The dislocation of the Galician Stage – Ditea: The theatrical «transition» of Irish Drama in Galicia – Irish drama and the institutionalisation of theatre practice: The Centro Dramático Galego – Taming Irishness: Martin McDonagh’s Leenane Trilogy in Galicia.

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Peter Lang Ltd. International Academic Publishers

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Livre de poche
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22 janvier 2021
57,96 €
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