A revolutionary religion has emerged as the need of the time

de MahaManas, Maharshi
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MahaManas, Maharshi A revolutionary religion has emerged as the need of the time
MahaManas, Maharshi - A revolutionary religion has emerged as the need of the time

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Livraison : entre jeudi 26 mai 2022 et lundi 30 mai 2022
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"Because you have a conscious mind ~ you are human. But your (conscious) mind is not yet developed enough. To become a well-developed human being, you need to develop this mind. And that is your primary religion."¿"You were born as a human being, so the first and foremost goal of your life is to become a full-fledged human being. With the goal of life: to know yourself and this worldly system, always try to be alert. Be diligent to make yourself a real and all-round developed human being."¿"Whether you belong to a conventional religion by birth or intention, your first identity is that you are a human being. As a human being, your main and fundamental religion is natural human religion (ManavDharma). And this normal human religion is the MahaDharma. The main thing is to develop the human mind with overall well-being." ¿"We are here on an educational journey. Gaining high to higher consciousness is the underlying purpose of human life. Here, the more we become conscious through knowledge-experience, the more we will benefit. From a spiritual point of view, nothing will go with us when we leave here, except the consciousness."


MahaManas, Maharshi

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Maharshi MahaManas being sympathetic to the suffering of the helpless troubled human, he has worked tirelessly all his life to alleviate their misery and poverty. He understood from his deep thinking and experience that the root cause of most of the problems and mishaps caused by human beings is lack of adequate knowledge and consciousness.
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Blessed Hope Publishing

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Livre de poche
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13 janvier 2022
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53,80 €
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