Rethinking Class - Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles

de Macmillan Education
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Macmillan Education Rethinking Class - Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles
Macmillan Education - Rethinking Class - Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles

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La description

Edited by leading British sociologists of stratification, this book advances contemporary debates in class analysis. It draws on current theoretical debates in sociology and considers the implications of the cultural turn for the study of class. It brings together the very latest empirical work on contemporary topics such as culture, identities and lifestyles undertaken by researchers from Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia. It will be required reading for those committed to pushing the boundaries of class and stratification in new and exciting directions around the world.

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List of Figures and Tables.- Notes on Contributors.- The Cultural Turn, Sociology and Class Analysis; F.Devine and M.Savage.- Social Stratification and Social Inequality: Models of Intersectionality and Identity; F.Anthias.- The Re-branding of Class: Propertising Culture; B.Skeggs.- Class and Culture in Germany; M. Vester.- Local Habitus and Working-class Culture; M.Savage, B.Longhurst and G.Bagnall.- Memory Magic: How a Working-class Neighbourhood became an Imagined Community and Class Started to Matter When it Lost its Base; T.Blokland.- Middle-class Identities in the United States; F.Devine.- Social Change and Social Identities: Postmodernity, Reflexive Modernisation and the Transformation of Social Identities in Australia; T.Phillips and M.Western.- Class Analysis: Beyond the Cultural Turn; R.Crompton and J.Scott.- Bibliography.- Index.

Devine, F.;Devine
Savage, Mike;Savage
Scott, John;Scott
Crompton, Rosemary;Crompton
Prestigious editors and list of contributors
International volume with chapters on the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia as well as the UK
Class is a frequently taught module and remains an area of key debate
Introduces a range of research and contemporary ideas which will offer a cuttingedge approach towards traditional debates about class and stratification
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Macmillan Education
FIONA DEVINE is Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester, UK. She is the author of Social Class in America and Britain (Edinburgh University Press, 1997) and the co-author, with Sue Heath, of Sociological Research Methods in Context (Palgrave, 1999).
MIKE SAVAGE is Professor of Sociology and Head of the Department of Sociology at Manchester University, UK. He is the author of a number of books, including Gender, Careers and Organisations, with Susan Halford and Anne Witz (Palgrave 1997) and Social Change and Class Cultures in Contemporary Britain (Open University Press, 2001).
JOHN SCOTT is Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, UK. He is the author of many books, including Who Rules Britain? (Polity 1991) and Stratification and Power (Polity 1996).
ROSEMARY CROMPTON is Professor of Sociology and Director of Research at City University, UK. She is the author of arguably the leading textbook on class, Class and Stratification (second edition) published by Polity, as well as the author of Women and Work in Modern Britain and Restructuring Gender Relations and Employment.
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29 octobre 2004
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