Influence of Metal Doping on Nonlinear Optical Active Materials

de Ramasamy, G.
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Ramasamy, G. Influence of Metal Doping on Nonlinear Optical Active Materials
Ramasamy, G. - Influence of Metal Doping on Nonlinear Optical Active Materials

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NLO is a fascinating fields to plays a major role in photonics and optoelectronic. It is the study of interaction of intense electromagnetic fields with materials to produce modified fields that are different from the input field in phase, frequency or amplitude. In recent times, the influence of impurities or additives on crystallization is a matter of growing interest in pure and engineering sciences and medicine, It is well known that doping influences the mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical properties and surface morphology depending upon the nature of host material and the dopant. Although a large number of studies illustrating the effect of dopants have been carried out, no systematic study in the presence of wide concentration range of s-, p-, d- and f- block metal impurities which influence the physical properties, particularly on potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystals, potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) have been reported. The s-, p-, d- and f- block elements have different electronic configurations and the studies of their influence as incorporated impurities in the host crystal will reveal many interesting features.


Ramasamy, G.

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Ramasamy, G.G. Ramasamy working as an Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Annamalai University for the past 14 years. He has done Doctoral degree in Material Science and Crystal growth. He has published 30 international publications with Scopus Indexed. He acts as a Coordinator in a UGC-SERB Major project.
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22 juillet 2021
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