Bone marrow examination in pancytopenic patients

de Shukry, Safa
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Shukry, Safa Bone marrow examination in pancytopenic patients
Shukry, Safa - Bone marrow examination in pancytopenic patients

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Pancytopenia refers to a reduction in all three formed elements of blood i.e. erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets. It is seen in both, peripheral and bone marrow, in most cases of bone marrow failure. The study of bone marrow failure or pancytopenia is traditionally dated to 1888, was provided by Paul Ehrlich under the 'aplastische Anämia' name from an autopsy of young white pregnant women, who died about a month after the onset of an illness , characterized by menorrhagia, retinal hemorrhage and marked pallor, associated with fever, and ulcerated gum. At autopsy, no active marrow was noted; hypocellular and fatty marrow were showed. As a pathologist, Ehrlich attributed this to primary depression of marrow function. Pancytopenia results from a number of disease processes due to bone marrow failure. Pancytopenia is not a disease entity but triads of finding which makes the patient prone to anemic manifestations, infections, and bleeding tendency. These clinical consequences (anemia, neutropenia, and thrombocytopenia) depending on the degree and duration of their impairment, can lead to serious illness and death.


Shukry, Safa
Abdulhamid, Gamal

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General doctor 2001. MD clinical pathology, hematology 2007. Bone marrow examination more than 15 years. work at oncology center since 2005. work at clinic of hemato-oncology since 2007. Demonstrator in the clinical lab, hematology department at Aden university since 2007. Pain management 2009 and Palliative care 2014. Diploma in oncology 2015
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18 juillet 2019
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