Flower Mandalas Workbook (Mandala Coloring Books For Adults)

de Zen Journal Team
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Zen Journal Team Flower Mandalas Workbook (Mandala Coloring Books For Adults)
Zen Journal Team - Flower Mandalas Workbook (Mandala Coloring Books For Adults)

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Mandala coloring books are all the craze at the moment and are especially suited to busy grown-ups who don't have a lot of spare time on their hands but do want to find a way of relaxing when they can find a few minutes of alone time. Meeting the need for new and fresh mandala designs, coloring book specialists the Zen Journal Team are proud to announce the release of "Flower Mandalas Workbook (Mandala Coloring Books For Adults)", the third volume in their series of twenty Mandala coloring and activity books known simply as "Magical Artwork Designs." The new found fascination with Mandala symbols lies in the fact that mandala art is unique and offers the opportunity to color designs and patterns that are unusual and varied. The patterns in this appealing new coloring book feature a wide variety of flower based geometric designs inspired by the ancient spiritual mandala drawings and that will inspire the inner artist in everyone With designs that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and designed especially for the adult market, Flower Mandalas Workbook takes the original idea of sacred mandala art and modernizes it into designs and images that will please even the most discerning coloring in fan. The book features mandalas that will take time and care to color in, and has been put together with the aim of helping bring time for calm and relaxation into the busy daily lives we all seem to live today. Color therapy has been shown to assist feelings of well-being and the Zen Team hopes that by coloring in these beautiful abstract images the reader will feel a real sense of peace. Get hours and hours of fun and relaxation from the simple yet joyful activity of coloring! Grab your copy of this great new coloring book today!


Zen Journal Team

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7 novembre 2015
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