Climate Action

de Stevens, Georgina
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Stevens, Georgina Climate Action
Stevens, Georgina - Climate Action

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Our planet needs us. And we need our planet. Learn about how climate change is affecting our world, explore the impact that humans have on the planet, and read about innovative ideas for tackling climate breakdown.

In this book about climate change, we share the facts. But we also share hope.

Learn about the causes of climate change and how it is affecting our world. Explore the human impact and what it means to have a carbon footprint. Read about innovative ideas for tackling climate breakdown. Be inspired by the positive stories from young people effecting change all around the globe. Get tips on the things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, and discover many different ways to take action.

Our planet needs us. And we need our planet.


Stevens, Georgina

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Penguin LCC US
Georgina Stevens is a sustainability writer, advisor and campaigner. She is a big believer that each of us has the power to make seismic changes in our world, and she has organized many Be The Change events to help plant the seeds of inspiration in this direction. Her favorite things are walking with her dogs, forest bathing, and planting things with her son, Rafael.

Katie Rewse graduated with a Masters Degree in Illustration from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2017. While studying, Katie was longlisted in the House of Illustration and Folio Society Book Competition, and shortlisted for the Batsford Prize. She continues to live and work in Bournemouth. When she is not busy drawing, Katie enjoys exploring the coast with her husband in their camper van.
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Rewse, Katie

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20 juillet 2021
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