Larry King - The talk show king

de Thomson-Smith, Lydia D.
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Thomson-Smith, Lydia D. Larry King - The talk show king
Thomson-Smith, Lydia D. - Larry King - The talk show king

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Livraison : entre jeudi 4 novembre 2021 et lundi 8 novembre 2021
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La description

It is hard to imagine an influential personality in the United States or the world for that matter that has not been interviewed by Larry King during his decades-long career. Everyone from presidents to religious leaders to movie stars and criminals has taken on the ''hot seat'', facing King and his questions. Larry King Live has been an inseparable part of television history in the United States, seeing confessions made, wrongs admitted and support expressed. King has also used his show as a platform for charity (as in the case of hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake), raising millions of dollars. In order to find out more about the man who made the relatively boring suspenders a household trademark, read this book it provides highly interesting information on the life and career of Larry King.


Thomson-Smith, Lydia D.

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