Ruby Data Processing - Using Map, Reduce, and Select

de Jay Godse
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Jay Godse Ruby Data Processing - Using Map, Reduce, and Select
Jay Godse - Ruby Data Processing - Using Map, Reduce, and Select

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La description

Gain the basics of Ruby’s map, reduce, and select functions and discover how to use them to solve data-processing problems. This compact hands-on book explains how you can encode certain complex programs in 10 lines of Ruby code, an astonishingly small number. You will walk through problems and solutions which are effective because they use map, reduce, and select. As you read Ruby Data Processing, type in the code, run the code, and ponder the results. Tweak the code to test the code and see how the results change. 
After reading this book, you will have a deeper understanding of how to break data-processing problems into processing stages, each of which is understandable, debuggable, and composable, and how to combine the stages to solve your data-processing problem. As a result, your Ruby coding will become more efficient and your programs will be more elegant and robust. 
What You Will Learn

  • Discover Ruby data processing and how to do it using the map, reduce, and select functions

  • Develop complex solutions including debugging, randomizing, sorting, grouping, and more

  • Reverse engineer complex data-processing solutions

Who This Book Is For 
Those who have at least some prior experience programming in Ruby and who have a background and interest in data analysis and processing using Ruby.


Jay Godse

Détails du produit

Commentaire illustrations:
XV, 98 p. 1 illus. in color.
Table des Matières:
1. Basic Ruby2. Function Overview and Simple Examples3. Complex Solutions4. Reverse Engineering Complex Solutions
A practical compact book on Ruby data processing

Comes with simple examples to start

Builds up to complex example solutions

Type de média:
Jay Godse is an active software and web applications developer, with expertise in Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, Slim, jQuery, and Ansible.  He also is active on Stack Overflow as an active contributor.  He graduated with an engineering degree, and then went to work as a digital circuit designer. After a year of that he switched to software development and has been there ever since in some form. His early work was mostly real-time telecommunication device control and provisioning using languages such as C and Protel. He then transitioned into designing distributed computing systems, using languages such as C++ and CORBA IDL. After that, transitioned into web applications. Along the way he did stints as a software development manager and a software architect. But for the last 7 years, he has written web applications.
1st ed.
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21 février 2018
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24,99 €
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