Jakarta EE Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach

de Josh Juneau
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Josh Juneau Jakarta EE Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach
Josh Juneau - Jakarta EE Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach

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La description

Take a problem-solution approach to programming enterprise Java applications and microservices for cloud-based solutions, enterprise database applications, and even small business web applications. This book provides effective and proven code snippets that you can immediately use to accomplish just about any task that you may encounter. You can feel confident using the reliable solutions that are demonstrated in this book in your personal or corporate environment.
Java EE was made open source under the Eclipse Foundation, and Jakarta EE is the new name for what used to be termed the Java Enterprise Edition Platform. This book helps you rejuvenate your Java expertise and put the platform’s latest capabilities to use in quickly developing robust applications. If you are new to Jakarta EE, this book will help you learn features of the platform, and benefit from one of the most widely used and powerful technologies available for application development today. 
Examples in
Jakarta EE Recipes
highlight Jakarta EE’s capabilities, helping you to build streamlined and reliable applications using the latest in Java technologies. The book takes a problem-solution approach in which each section introduces a common programming problem, showing you how to best solve that problem using the latest features in Jakarta EE. Solutions are presented in the form of working code examples that you can download and use immediately in your own projects. Clear descriptions are given so you can understand and learn to build further on the solutions that are provided. This is the ideal book for the code-focused programmer interested in keeping up with the future of enterprise development on the Java Platform. 
What You Will Learn

  • Develop enterprise Java applications using the now open source Jakarta EE platform

  • Create great-looking user interfaces using Jakarta Server Faces and the Eclipse Krazo framework

  • Build database applications using Jakarta Enterprise Beans and Jakarta RESTFul web services

  • Automate testing through cohesive test suites built on Arquillian for Jakarta EE applications

  • Deploy microservices applications in cloud environments using Docker

  • Secure applications utilizing the Jakarta EE Security API and JSON Web Tokens  

Who This Book Is For
Java developers interested in quickly finding effective and proven solutions without reading through a lengthy manual and scrubbing for techniques


Josh Juneau

Détails du produit

Commentaire illustrations:
XLV, 840 p. 42 illus.
Table des Matières:
1. Servlets and Java Server Pages2. JavaServer Faces Fundamentals3. Advanced JavaServer Faces4. Eclipse Krazo5. JDBC With Jakarta EE6. Object-Relational Mapping7. Jakarta NoSQL8. Enterprise JavaBeans9. Java Persistence Query Language10. Bean Validation11. Contexts and Dependency Injection12. Java Message Service13. RESTful Web Services14. WebSockets and JSON15. Security16. Concurrency and Batch17. Deploying to Containers
Demonstrates how to develop solutions using the latest in Java web and microservices technology on the Jakarta EE Platform

Provides information you need for developing successful and maintainable enterprise and database applications

Leaves you with insight into building web applications on a number of different architectures ranging from a single web archive to a number of orchestrated microservices

Type de média:
Josh Juneau is a professional application developer who enjoys working with database technology and learning new languages. He is a seasoned professional in Java SE and Java EE development, and brings strong database experience to the table as well. His interest in Java for developing web-based solutions has led to a passion of Java technology as a whole, including other languages on the JVM. In his spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife and five wonderful children at his home in rural Illinois.
1st ed.
Nombre de pages:
Intermediate-Advanced user level

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27 mars 2020
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