Pro Spring MVC with WebFlux - Web Development in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2

de Marten Deinum
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Marten Deinum Pro Spring MVC with WebFlux - Web Development in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2
Marten Deinum - Pro Spring MVC with WebFlux - Web Development in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2

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La description

Explore the designs of the Spring MVC and WebFlux frameworks, and apply similar designs and techniques to your own code. Along with detailed analysis of the code and functionality, this book includes numerous tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Spring MVC, WebFlux, and Java-based web application development in general using Spring. You’ll see how Spring MVC is a modern web application framework built upon the latest Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2. Spring MVC is suitable for building reusable web controller modules that encapsulate rich page navigation rules.

Pro Spring MVC with WebFlux takes great care in covering every inch of Spring MVC with WebFlux to give you the complete picture. Along with all the best-known features of these frameworks, you’ll discover some new hidden treasures. You’ll also learn how to correctly and safely extend the frameworks to create customized solutions. 

This book is for anyone who wishes to write robust, modern, and useful web applications with the Spring Framework. After reading and using this book, you'll become proficient with Spring MVC and be able to apply it to your own Java web applications and microservices.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Spring MVC with WebFlux to build Java-based web applications

  • Employ the various Spring MVC architectures

  • Work with controllers and routing functions

  • Build microservices and web services using Spring MVC and REST

  • Create reactive web applications using Spring WebFlux

  • Secure Spring MVC and Spring WebFlux

  • Deploy your Spring MVC application to the cloud

Who This Book Is For

Those with at least some prior experience with Java web application development. Some previous experience with Spring Boot or the Spring Framework is recommended. 


Marten Deinum
Iuliana Cosmina

Détails du produit

Commentaire illustrations:
XVII, 575 p. 143 illus.
Table des Matières:
1: Setting Up A Local Development Environment2: Spring Framework Fundamentals3: Web Application Architecture4: Spring MVC Architecture5: Implementing Controllers6: Implementing Controllers - Advanced7: REST and AJAX8: Resolving and Implmenting Views9: Introduction to Spring WebFlux10: Building Reactive Applications with Spring WebFlux11: Securing WebFlux Applications12: Spring Security13: Spring Applications in the Cloud
The first Spring MVC book to use WebFlux

Based on Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2

Written by an expert and active submitter to the open source Spring Framework and Spring Boot projects

Type de média:
Marten Deinum is a submitter on the open source Spring Framework project. He is also a Java/software consultant working for Conspect. He has developed and architected software, primarily in Java, for small and large companies. He is an enthusiastic open source user and longtime fan, user and advocate of the Spring Framework. He has held a number of positions including software engineer, development lead, coach, and also as a Java and Spring trainer.
Iuliana Cosmina is currently a software engineer for Cloudsoft Edinburgh. She has been writing Java code since 2002. She has contributed to various types of applications, including experimental search engines, ERPs, track and trace, and banking. During her career, she has been a teacher, a team leader, a software architect, a DevOps professional, and a software manager.She is a Springcertified Professional, as defined by Pivotal, the makers of Spring Framework, Boot, and other tools, and considers Spring the best Java framework to work with.When she is not programming, she spends her time reading, blogging, learning to play piano, traveling, hiking, or biking.

2nd ed.
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5 janvier 2021
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