Where's the Road?

de Wetherell, Randy
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Wetherell, Randy Where's the Road?
Wetherell, Randy - Where's the Road?

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Livraison : entre mardi 5 octobre 2021 et jeudi 7 octobre 2021
Vente et expédition: Dodax

La description

Saying goodbye to their wives and children, Joe and Randy set out on a one-day fishing adventure, unaware that their one-day trip would last their entire lives. Through some force of nature, they, along with their car, punch their way through time unknowingly. Thinking that they have just gone off the road at first, as time passes, they realize the world that they knew is no longer with them. What follows is their incredible will to live, and the little Neanderthal girl they save from near death. Calling her Mininew, they are reminded of their own children by her. Taking the car apart to make weapons and whatever that can be used for survival, they follow a river to the ocean. Their incredible journey is met by bloody fights with prehistoric men, and it becomes a quest for survival and hunting or being hunted.


Wetherell, Randy

Détails du produit

Randy Wetherell was born in Nova Scotia in 1955 to a military family. Even in his youth, his fascination with the wonders of nature captured his imagination, even time itself. The adventures he had with his friends as a young teenager, camping out in the remote forest of New Brunswick weeks at a time with only their wits to find food and shelter, sparked his imagination to write a story that would bring out the spirit of adventure in everyone.
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Livre de poche
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8 janvier 2021
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0.234 x 0.156 x 0.012 m; 0.329 kg
13,40 €
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