Online Collective Action - Dynamics of the Crowd in Social Media

de Agarwal, Nitin
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Agarwal, Nitin Online Collective Action - Dynamics of the Crowd in Social Media
Agarwal, Nitin - Online Collective Action - Dynamics of the Crowd in Social Media

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This work addresses the gap in the current collective action literature exposed by the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) landscape by bringing together qualitative and quantitative studies from computational and social sciences. The book offers a rigorous and systematic investigation of both methodological and theoretical underpinnings and, thus, collectively promotes a symbiotic and synergistic advancement of the multiple interconnected disciplines in studying online collective actions. More specifically, the book is intended to illuminate several fundamental and powerful yet theoretically undeveloped and largely unexplored aspects of collective action in the participatory media (e.g., social media). Through in-depth exploration of relevant concepts, theories, methodologies, applications, and case studies, the reader will gain an advanced understanding of collective action with the advent of the new generation of ICTs enabled by social media and the Internet. The developed theories will be valuable and comprehensive references for those interested in examining the role of ICTs not only in collective action but also in decision and policy making, understanding the dynamics of interaction, collaboration, cooperation, communication, as well as information flow and propagation, and social network research for years to come. Further, the book also serves as an extensive repository of data sets and tools that can be used by researchers leading to a deeper and more fundamental understanding of the dynamics of the crowd in online collective actions.


Agarwal, Nitin
Wigand, Rolf T.
Lim, Merlyna

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Agarwal, Nitin;Agarwal
Lim, Merlyna;Lim
Wigand, Rolf T.;Wigand

Illuminates fundamental and powerful yet theoretically obscure aspects of collective actions in social media

Provides a common-platform for diverse researchers to share their research

Represents a valuable companion for policy and decision makers

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Couverture rigide
Springer Wien
Prof. Dr. Rolf T. Wigand ist Inhaber des Maulden-Entergy Chair und Distinguished Professor of Information Science and Management am Department of Information Science der University of Arkansas at Little Rock, AR, USA.
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This book explores and explains collective action in the new generation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) enabled by Web 2.0, also referred to as social media, and its capacity to help critical decision and policy making.

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15 août 2014
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