Inclusive Leadership - Negotiating Gendered Spaces

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Springer International Publishing Inclusive Leadership - Negotiating Gendered Spaces
Springer International Publishing - Inclusive Leadership - Negotiating Gendered Spaces

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La description

Examining perceptions of leaders which are dependent on social and cultural contexts, this edited collection argues that in order to thrive and to understand the future business landscape, leaders must be inclusive and create followership. With existing research tending to conflate leadership roles with notions of masculinity and agency, this study provides examples of how to alter and challenge prevalent stereotypes and ultimately contribute to greater organisational effectiveness. Addressing the under-representation of women in leadership roles, contributions explore inclusivity and exclusivity in leading organisations, the politics of gendered differences and the value of leader-follower dynamics. Inclusive Leadership will be of great use to business leaders, employees, policy-makers, and academics seeking practical implications for formulating effective leader-follower strategies in organisations.

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XXXIII, 253 p. 6 illus. in color.
Table des Matières:
1. Leadership from the Margins: Practising Inclusivity with 'Outsiders Within'; Helena Liu.- 2. Champions for Charities: Exploring Inclusive Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector in Australia; Theresa Smith-Ruig.- 3. Female Leadership within the Military: The Influence of Neoliberal Institutionalism' Derek McAvoy and Kevin Burgess.- 4. Small and Medium-Sized Accounting Firms in India: Inclusive or Exclusive Leadership; Sujana Adapa and Alison Sheridan.- 5. The Same of Different: How Women have become Included in Corporate Leadership in Australia; Karen Handley, Anne Ross-Smith and Sue Wright.- 6. Examining the Politics of Gendered Difference in Feminine Leadership: The Absence of 'Female Masculinity'; Alison Pullen and Sheena Vachhani.- 7. Leaders and Followers: Co-Constructing a Creative Identity; Heather Round.- 8. Promoting Healthy Leader-Follower Dynamics to Enhance Workplace Equality; Jennifer Rindfleish.- 9. Revisiting the Strategic Leadership Paradigm: A Gender Inclusive Perspective; Arash Najmaei. 
“In our ever-inclusive society good leadership relies on inspiring our next leaders to take up the mantle, and dismantling prejudicial hurdles to their success. I have faith research like this edited volume can help the world understand that good leadership is not about any one man’s power – but the betterment of our society as a whole.” (Minister Adam Marshall, Member for Northern Tablelands)
“Inclusive leadership challenges the stereotype that “women take care and men take charge” by showing how women can, and should, be leaders as well as followers. Employing personal experiences and conceptual themes the authors show how valuable leadership can be when it includes women. I wish I had read this in my twenties!” (Professor Gillian Triggs, Australian Human Rights Commission)

Adapa, Sujana;Adapa
Sheridan, Alison;Sheridan
Examines the impact of gendered leadership upon followers

Covers cross-cultural perspectives on inclusive leadership

Explores the contextual and structural complexities in fostering inclusive leadership

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Sujana Adapa is Senior Lecturer in Management (Strategy & Marketing) in the UNE Business School at the University of New England, Australia.  She has published widely in international journals, including Critical Perspectives on Accounting, the Journal of Cleaner Production, the Australasian Journal of Information Systems and the Australasian Journal of Regional Studies.

Alison Sheridan is Professor of Management and currently Head of the UNE Business School at the University of New England, Australia. She has been teaching and researching the experience of women in paid work, including their representation on boards, for more than two decades.  Her research often focuses on regional context and her work has appeared in Gender Work and Organization, Gender and Education, Corporate Governance: An International Review and the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

1st ed. 2018
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14 août 2017
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