Management and Breed Preference of Pet dogs in Puducherry, India

de Radhakrishnan, Raghy
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Radhakrishnan, Raghy Management and Breed Preference of Pet dogs in Puducherry, India
Radhakrishnan, Raghy - Management and Breed Preference of Pet dogs in Puducherry, India

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Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and responsibility; not just a privilege. Rearing of dogs involves awareness and adoption of various management practices among the dog owners. Selection, training, feeding, grooming, vaccination, deworming, housing and breeding are some of the key areas in which the dog owners need to have adequate knowledge to ensure optimum welfare of the dog in the family. Responsible pet ownership results in a rewarding life for the pets and its human family. This not only requires total commitment to maintain optimal health of the dog, but also a commitment for selecting an appropriate companion dog and raising it in a fashion that reduces the probability of undesirable aggressive responses. This book helps in understanding the scientific knowledge of dog rearing and various feeding, breeding and management practices followed by dog owners. It also includes the preference of dog owners to a specific breed of dog. Development of an Animal Need Index for dog owners is also incorporated.


Radhakrishnan, Raghy
Damodaran Nair, Sreekumar

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Radhakrishnan, Raghy
Raghy Radhakrishnan has completed her M.V.Sc. in Livestock Production and Management from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Puducherry. Her area of interest is in management and welfare aspect of pet dogs. She also holds M.A. in Bharatanatyam.
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5 octobre 2018
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