EMC ’91: Non-Ferrous Metallurgy—Present and Future

de Jean Vereecken
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Jean Vereecken EMC ’91: Non-Ferrous Metallurgy—Present and Future
Jean Vereecken - EMC ’91: Non-Ferrous Metallurgy—Present and Future

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This volume contains the papers that will be presented at 'EMC '91 '-the European Metals Conference-to be held in Brussels, Belgium, from 15 to 20 September 1991, and organized by Benelux Metallurgie, GDMB (Gesellschaft Deutscher Metallhutten und Bergleute) and IMM (the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy). 'EMC '91' is the first of an intended major series organized at the European level with the aim of bringing together all those who are involved with the extraction and processing of non-ferrous metals-European metallurgists and their international colleagues-to provide them with the opportunity to exchange views on the state and evolution of their industry. The programme covers all the different aspects of the metallurgy of non-ferrous metals from mining to fabricated products. Particular attention is being paid to the European non -ferrous industry with respect to changes in demand, the technology used, pressures on the environment and the competitive position of manufacturers. The contributions of the plenary lecturers (copies of which will appear in the IMM journal Minerals Industry International in 1991-92) and the many authors are gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are also due to the referees of the papers, the sponsors, the companies that have allowed registrants to visit their operations, the chairmen of the technical sessions and the staffs of the organizing bodies for their efficient administrative work. Jean Vereecken Chairman, Organizing Committee July 1991 v Contents Foreword. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . v .


Jean Vereecken

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X, 516 p.
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Mineral Processing.- Design of non-cyanide technology for flotation of lead-zinc ores: energy prerequisites, implementation and results.- Recovery of gold and silver from plumbojarosite-containing hematite tailings by alkaline pretreatment and cyanidation.- Grinding of the ‘Jales de Santa Julia de la Compañía Real del Monte y Pachuca’, SA de CV, Mexico.- Lead and Tin.- Lead blast-furnace evolution: a new approach.- Das QSL-Verfahren in Stolberg.- Hydrogen reduction of cassiterite concentrates.- Hydrometallurgy.- Ammonium jarosite formation in ferric chloride leaching processes.- Jarosite precipitation during acid pressure leaching of zinc leach residue—application of factorial design and characterization of leach residue.- Selective recovery by precipitation of selenium and mercury from acid leaching solutions.- Bioleaching of complex sulphides with different cultures of mesophilic microorganisms.- Recovery of copper by dump leaching with use of bacteria and cementation at the Vlaikov Vrah mine, Bulgaria.- Ferrite behaviour in the processing of complex copper-zinc sulphide concentrates.- Limitation of lead jarosite formation in the leaching of calcine from high-iron Zn-Pb-Cu concentrates.- Nickel.- Intensification of the reductive-roast ammonia leaching process for nickel lateritic ores.- Ecological pyro-hydrometallurgical technology of nickel pyrrhotite concentrate treatment with non-traditional and reagentless recovery of sulphur dioxide from low concentrated gases.- Treatment of nickeliferous pyrrhotite.- Development of nickel smelting at Jinchuan Nickel Smelter, China.- Extraction of Co(II) and Ni(II) with Cyanex 272.- Copper.- Technological and technical problems of copper production from chalcosine concentrates in a flash furnace.- Flash technology for converting.- Minor-element behaviour in copper-making.- Electrochemical reductive conversion of chalcopyrite with SO2.- Recycling.- Automotive exhaust catalysts: PGM usage and recovery.- Recovery of metals from spent catalysts in a DC plasma furnace.- Recovery of rare earths from spent FCC catalysts.- Vibration technique for recovery of non-ferrous, rare and noble metals from secondary raw materials.- Car scrap recycling towards 2000.- Sekundäraluminium im Automobil—Einsatz und Rückgewinnung.- Les fours tournants dans l’industrie européenne de la récupération des métaux non-ferreux.- The TBRC as a unit with a promising future for secondary copper plants.- Lead and copper recycling in the Boliden Kaldo.- Minor Metals.- Purity and long-term stability of 8-hydroxyquinoline-based metal extractants.- Improved technology for In, Ge and Ga recovery in an electrolytic zinc plant.- Production of molybdic trioxide by high-temperature oxidation of molybdenite in a cyclone reactor.- Trends in the development of processes for recovery of rare metals.- La lixiviation chlorurante d’alliages Fe-Si: une voie d’avenir dans la production du silicium?.- Recovery of vanadium from slags by sulphiding.- Electrolytic reduction of Eu (III) in acidic chloride solutions.- Environment.- Best available technology—a viewpoint on the development and application of the concept to the European non-ferrous industry.- Environmental legislation and advances in tailings disposal technology in North America and Europe.- Contaminated soil treatment technologies.- Recovery of non-ferrous metals from residues of integrated steel works.- Simultaneous microbial removal of sulphate and heavy metals from waste water.- New biological treatment plant for heavy metal contaminated groundwater.- Silver plating from thiosulphate baths.- Use of peroxygens in treating cyanide effluents from gold processing.- Mechanisms of uptake of metal complexes and organics on carbon and resins: their modelling for the design of multi-component adsorption columns.- Light Metals.- Status and challenges for modern aluminium reduction technology.- New approach to acid methods for special alumina production.- Hazelett twin-belt aluminium strip-casting process: caster design and current product programme of aluminium alloy sheet.- Surface engineering of aluminium and its alloys.- Modelling.- Time-dependent simulation of Czochralski growth: application to the production of germanium crystals.- Steady-state self-regulating simulation model applied to design of a new hydrometallurgical process for recovery of non-ferrous metals.- Modelling in a Pachuca tank—flow and mixing phenomena.
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9 septembre 1991
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