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This unique book brings together a wealth of data on the botanical, ethno-medicinal and pharmacological aspects of over 500 species of Asian medicinal orchids. It starts off by explaining the role and limitations of complimentary and herbal medicines, and how traditional Asian medicine differs from Western, "scientific" medicine. The different Asian medical traditions are described, as well as their modes of preparing herbal remedies. The core of the book presents individual medicinal orchid species arranged by genera. Each species is identified by its official botanical name, synonyms, and local names. Its distribution, habitat and flowering season, uses and pharmacology are described. An overview sums up the research findings on all species within each genus. Clinical observations are discussed whenever available, and possible therapeutic applications are highlighted. The book closes with chapters on the conservation of medicinal orchids and on the role of randomized clinical trials.


"This may well be the most comprehensive book on the subject and a reference that should be in the library of all orchid lovers with an interest that goes deeper than observation. Medicinal Orchids of Asia is a great way to learn new facts and history about some of our favorite orchid genera and will appeal to orchid lovers of all types, from hobbyists to commercial growers and judges to hardcore scientists and all interested in history and health." (Paul Alan Wetter, Orchids, Vol. 86 (3), March, 2017)
"The book Medicinal Orchids of Asia deals specifically with the medicinal properties of the orchids found in Asia. ... The author has used a large number of appropriate references and highlighted several aspects of orchid studies. This makes it a valuable source for future researchers." (S. Suresh Ramanan, Systematic Botany, Vol. 42 (4), 2017)

"I find this to be an amazing, very informative and excellent book that should be of interest to a wide and varied audience. ... The book is one I enthusiastically recommend to physicians, botanists, researchers in pharmaceutical companies, and those in search of new medicines that can cure many ailments. It is a book that should be read, studied, and enjoyed. ... a very informative, intriguing, and unique book that deserves attention and inclusion in university and private libraries." (Joseph Arditti, Plant Science Bulletin, Vol. 63 (2), 2017)

"This book is primarily about medicinal orchids of Asia but also covers the general use of herbal ingredients for healing. It is a treasure house of information on the botanical properties of orchids and their use as herbal remedies. ... This book is wide in scope, erudite and rigorous, yet very readable, with attractive illustrations and copious examples of ailments for which medicinal orchids have traditionally been used. It is destined to be a classic in its field." (Hong Hai, Malayan Orchid Review, Vol. 51, 2017)

"This book, published by Springer International Publishing in Switzerland, is astonishing for its encyclopaedic coverage of the use of orchids in Asian herbal medicine. ... lt is interesting reading for those of us brought up in the Western tradition of scientific values. ... This book is a treasure house of gems of knowledge. ... Medicinal Orchids of Asia
should remain the standard reference book on the subject for decades to come." (Orchid Society of Great Britain Journal, Vol. 66 (1), 2017)


Auteur Eng Soon Teoh

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GTIN 9783319242729

Date de publication 09.09.2016

Langues Anglais

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Medicinal Orchids of Asia

Eng Soon Teoh

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