The Legality of Deportation and Removal of Migrants in the UK

Within The Context of Liberal Democracy
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Cosmas Ikegwuruka The Legality of Deportation and Removal of Migrants in the UK
Cosmas Ikegwuruka - The Legality of Deportation and Removal of Migrants in the UK

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Immigration control raises the issue of expulsion which arguably might have been elevated to the point of hostility in several liberal democratic States such as the United Kingdom (UK). This work examines the legality of deportation and removal of migrants in the UK within the context of liberal democracy, which invites the question as to whether the UK complies with its substantive and procedural obligations in the expulsion of migrants. With the heat generated by recent trends in immigration control in the UK and across liberal democracies, this research will readily become a major reference material for everybody who works on immigration, providing a guide for academics and practitioners, the offer of invaluable insights into likely developments in this dynamic and expansive area of law. In this study, references were made to three other selected liberal democratic states-the United States of America, Australia and France whose immigration reality offers significant similarities with the UK. This is in order to put the analysis of immigration issues in the UK by way of convergence, divergence, diffusion and dilemmas of practices in immigration control.


Auteur Cosmas Ikegwuruka

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GTIN 9786202303743

Date de publication 19.01.2018

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80,94 €
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