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Rihanna Rihanna
Rihanna - Rihanna
Rihanna - Rihanna
Rihanna - Rihanna
Rihanna - Rihanna
Rihanna - Rihanna
Rihanna - Rihanna

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Livraison : entre 2020-12-04 et 2020-12-08
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"It's a piece of art that I am really proud of..."- Rihanna

"The book is a rollicking and sumptuous autobiography, told largely with intimate images."- Vogue

Rihanna invites you into her world with this stunning visual autobiography.

From her Barbados childhood to her worldwide tours, from iconic fashion moments to private time with friends and family, the book showcases intimate photographs of her life as an artist, performer, designer, and entrepreneur. Many of these images have never before been published.

This large-format book is 504 pages with 1,050 color images on 3 paper stocks and 7 single- and double-page gatefolds, 9 bound-in booklets, 1 tip-in sheet, and a double-sided, removable poster.


"The book is a rollicking and sumptuous autobiography, told largely with intimate images. Ephemera are woven in throughout, from early passports and a Barbie workout cassette to a handwritten note from the designer Jeremy Scott that says, "Congrats on making Paris your bitch!". The book unfolds in chronological order, but the structure is freewheeling and chapter-less, lending it an impressionistic quality: how a person might recall her own lived memories."- Vogue

"Well, this gives new meaning to 'drop': Rihanna's 500-page tome. If it fell on your foot, it would crush it. She has put her stamp on almost every pop culture form - music, film, fashion - and now, books... Rihanna is in a class of her own."- The New York Times

"It's well worth the money."- US Weekly

"In this beautiful new book...we see her like we have never seen her before."- Good Morning America

"...The book is surely a worthy work of art itself... The book... is more than just a large, incredibly heavy hardcover publication containing stunning professional photographs from her whirlwind life. Rihanna gives readers a rare and intimate look into her journey, chronicled in family pictures, captivating tour shots, and even rare handwritten letters..."- Billboard

"Even for those who aren't obsessed with the pop star's every move, it's a gorgeous collection of photographs."- Rolling Stone

"From the childhood pictures to newspaper clippings of her first media coverage, tour-diary snippets and holiday snapshots, the previously unpublished photographs give a comprehensive look into Rihanna's stratospheric rise from Barbados to megastardom."- Vogue UK

"... Brings viewers closer to the global superstar. That's not hyperbole... It's candid, unapologetic and, most importantly, authentic to her essence... and brand. Best part of it all is her very fans have been part of the ride all along. Just as you'd imagine, the book also served as a bit of a "Who's who?" when it comes to the people in her inner circle, with special appearances from friendly faces like Jay-Z and Beyoncé."- iHeartRadio

"Another big first - Lavish!"- Essence

"Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?"- Metro

"Set forth in this literature, Rihanna is arguably the most visually groundbreaking artist and celebrity of her generation - the ultimate blueprint of coolness and relatability. ...In all its 504-page glory - spanning her childhood in the Barbados, four distinctive album eras since 2010's Loud , her rise as a fashion mogul, and vacation candids - this piece elevates that conversation, reminding readers that Rihanna is the de facto queen of Instagram, 2010's fashion blogs, and celebrity media, as well as Tumblr favorites."- MTV

"...With over 1,000 behind-the-scenes photos of the artist and her entourage... as the photos revealed themselves, each new image eliciting hushed coos and nods of understanding."- Time

"1,050 color photos spanning the length of Rih's career and capturing her transition from pop star to businesswoman."- Paper

"Luxurious."- Bustle

"...A visual masterpiece. If you've been wondering how to level up your coffee table, this is it, people."- Elite Daily

"Stunning."- ET Online

"Rihanna's new coffee-table book will have more intimate moments than a Savage x Fenty show."- HelloGiggles

"The mogul's life story in over a thousand rare photos demands prime coffee-table space..."- InStyle

"It may not be an album, but it's the next best thing."- Marie Claire

"Our gracious queen saw fit to bless us with a coffee-table book of all her most iconic looks."- Refinery29


Rihanna invites you into her world with this stunning visual autobiography.


Auteur Rihanna

Détails sur le produit


GTIN 9780714878010

Date de publication 29.10.2019

Langues Anglais

Nombre de pages 504

Type de produit Livre

Dimension 420 x 55 x 320  mm

Poids du produit 8500 g

140,00 €
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