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This book focuses on the Ecumenical Movement with particular emphasis on Africa's impact on the making of ecumenical mission mandates during the formative years, 1900-1958. Previous studies have mainly focused on the Continents of Europe, North America, and Asia, with Africa seen as inactive during these years. By contrast Dr. Utuk concentrates on the problems which helped to give birth to the Movement, with Africa seen as an indispensable ecumenical partner. This fresh perspective emerges through an analysis of sixteen conferences based on six fascinating themes, including the role played by several, hitherto unknown, native African and African-American pioneer ecumenists. Utuk's evidence and arguments will be of great interest to historians, social scientists and all those concerned with the future of Christianity and ecumenism in our modern world.


"This book is a remarkable example of revisionist history without an ideological axe to grind. Here an essential strand of the making of ecumenical mission consciousness is brought to light in a clear and fascinating way. Utuk makes a contribution of major importance, and does it in an even-handed way." (George R. Hunsberger, Western Theological Seminary) "...Utuk's book deserves attention for several reasons. It is a lucid example of revisionist history, written from sources not examined before. Additionally, it is a remarkable example of holistic historiography in contrast to the standard missionary historiography which told the story of the missionary enterprise in isolation from the rest of society. Finally, in pursuing his main object Utuk calls attention to those mission mandates intended to facilitate the evangelization programme and to create ecumenical consciousness. This enables the reader to begin to assess the extent of religious change, or the degree of success of the Christianization enterprise, resulting from those mandates." (L. Ugwuanya Nwosu, The Ecumenical Review)
"...a readable and provocative analysis deserving space on every missiology reference shelf." (Willard E. Roth, Missiology)


Auteur Efiong Utuk

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GTIN 9780820414010

Date de publication 01.06.1991

Langues Anglais

Nombre de pages 352

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From New York to Ibadan

The Impact of African Questions on the Making of Ecumenical Mission Mandates, 1900-1958

Efiong Utuk

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