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  • Dodax
  • Livraison entre mardi 26 décembre et jeudi 28 décembre
  • Catégorie: Pop
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Artiste: Pet Shop Boys
Label: Parlophone
Label: Rhino


Working together for the first time since the 1988 single "Left to My Own Devices," the Pet Shop Boys and producer Trevor Horn partner together for Fundamental, an extremely well-crafted effort that is more of its time message-wise than any previous PSB album. Fundamental is heavily influenced by Tony Blair's allegiance to George W. Bush and his dragging of the U.K. into the Iraq War, which has left previously Labour Party-loving vocalist Neil Tennant bitter and disillusioned. Fully aware that the Pet Shop Boys would sound ridiculous if angry and punkish, Tennant and partner Chris Lowe show restraint, putting their venom on simmer on the most riveting songs and searching for a reason not to stick their head in the sand elsewhere. Surprisingly, the usually extravagant Horn follows suit, and while he gives the album a very modern, slick sheen, the production is well designed instead of gloriously decorated. Beautifully polished by Horn, "Luna Park" lazily strolls through a holiday where fortune tellers and fire breathers divert attention from the slowly developing storm. Giving up hope entirely is "Numb," an insular ballad that songwriter Diane Warren originally gave to the duo for the hits collection PopArt that's much more at home here. Better still is infectious and uptempo "I'm with Stupid," which casts Blair and Bush as irresponsible lovers who grin and pose while having their way with the world. It's not the only instantly gripping track -- the paranoid "Integral" speaks out for personal freedom with a wicked hook while the New Order-esque "Minimal" ranks with their best club cuts -- but the majority of Fundamental is like the majority of their great album Behavior in that repeat listens are required to do these rich songs justice. For Pet Shop Boys fans who lean to the left and are skeptical about the future, this is as close to heaven as they want to be. [In 2017, Rhino began a campaign of reissues of the band's albums, expanding their initial release with an exhaustive selection of rarities recorded between 2005 and 2007. The expanded Fundamental contains detailed liner notes and a second disc filled with demos. There are songs written for Sondre Lerche (the very Fleetwood Mac circa-Tango in the Night sounding "Dancing in the Dusk,") Shirley Bassey ("The Performance of My Life,") Bananarama ("One Way Street,") and Kylie Minogue ("One Night,") as well as one ("Ring Road") given to the PSB tribute band West End Girls. To go along with these unearthed gems are remixes (Richard X's extended mix of "Fugitive," a single mix of "Numb,") a few ringtones the duo whipped up for fun, demos of tracks that later appeared on the album proper and a handful of B-sides. The collection is a handy companion to the album and the overall strength of the songs shows the band were firing on all cylinders during this era.] ~ David Jeffries & Tim Sendra